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10 Replies to “BAND-MAID Celebrates Kanami’s B-Day and LOTS of NEW Music”

  1. Ryan, I have noticed that even in trying to sound or copy someone else's style, in the failing to actually sound like someone else, it's in the failing that you can actually create an original style, or sound.

  2. Great photos of Alan. I am so happy for Alan. BUT, how come he is showing the KITSUNE ?hand sign for BABYMETAL? ha! ???

  3. GG GG GG! not a fan of Trident three main reasons 1: not really a fan of the lead singers voice 2: too much syth for a band without a keyboardist (aka Gacharic Spin) 3. They let go of one of my favourite drummers.

  4. The drummer for Deathlok is Gene Hoglan. A huge important and influential drummer for metal as he played in Dark Angel, Death, and a couple of other bands

  5. From Japan 遠乃 歌波 Happy Birthday Tono Kanami.
    Kanami means wave of song in Japan.

    A perfect name for a composition and arrangement genius.

  6. "Mincho" is a nickname of Kanami, similar to (not exactly, though) "Bill" to William in English name.
    During MC time, Mincho asked the audience to call her "Mincho-san" instead of "Mincho-chan" because she is a grown up woman now (remember that fans at the venue were celebrating her birthday).
    FYI: "-chan" is mainly used for children, under age, and close friends whereas "-san" is used for adults and sounds more formal.
    Btw, Mincho gave up this idea after she heard fans chanted "Mincho-san" several times. She said "Forget Mincho-san, Mincho-chan is OK".?

  7. further to what it means when an instrument maker "supports" a number of musicians — sometimes it can mean getting them together to play as a unit; one example is Gibson Replays, a "band" including Asaka from Trident & Kaho from Faulieu. They made a video, a cover of the K-ON! song Don't Say 'Lazy'.
    And in the description, Gibson points out the instruments being played:
    ■Gibson USA Les Paul Standard ’60s (ASAKA)
    ■Gibson USA SG Modern (Kaho)
    ■Gibson USA Non-Reverse Thunderbird Bass (chloe)
    ……. so, maybe there's a benefit to the players and the company, in terms of publicity.
    Faulieu, by the way, used to be called "fleufleu" … either way, not a great name. They're …. indie-rock?, I guess. Clever musicians, pleasant enough.

  8. There's an update by @Davey-Boyd on the MNN update for TATU #31: . . . Special guests attending was Kanami's family! Met them on the way in. Sound was awesome. The ladies chatted with the crowd as it was so small, but I'm not a Japanese speaker, but very intimate . . . I also saw an update by one of the Japanese fans (@toshimatyu6654 or @k.h.6005 or someone credible) who said seven of Kanami's family were there, but I can't find the post now.

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