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38 Replies to “Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing (Official Music Video)”

  1. Great memories as a kid in my dads car when he used to play his Sultans Of Swing (The Very Best Of Dire Straits) cassette. First time I heard this song I loved it. Used to make my dad rewind the tape over and over again. Still love it now 20+ years later. Thanks dad

  2. Es gab mal eine Phase in meinem Leben, da habe ich diesen Song gesuchtet. Ich hatte ihn auf beiden Seiten einer C-90 Cassette und jedesmal, wenn ich in meinem Auto saß, habe ich nur dieses Lied gehört. Oh, diese 80er

  3. A song about purity of the love for music, when they so clearly loved performing together. Even after all this time, it's so refreshing. Forever one of my favorites.

  4. That guitar ? solo of pure perfection is beauty to the ears one of top ten solos dire straights is also the best of the 1980s they deserve a gold medal ❤ for the album brother in arms ?✌️?????

  5. Em plena segunda feira eu aqui ouvindo essa banda fantástica.Que nos encantou nos anos 70,e vai continuar por várias gerações ainda.Quem aí gosta como eu curti aí.❤❤❤❤

  6. السلام عليكم اخي عطاوني refus اليوم مع العلم عندي فيزا قبل فرنسا بصح المرة هادي ماحطيتش compte euro قالولي ما عندكش الصوارد باه تعيش 10 ايام تما مع العلم حطيت 30 مليون في cnep banque ما هو المشكل

  7. Hated this song whilst growing up, suddenly obsessed with it and their other songs as of last year till present?????

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