37 Replies to “Drake SHADES Rihanna In New Song? + Plots Year Long Break From Music Due to Health Issues”

  1. Drake DID claim Rihanna on the Ellen Show…Rihanna never claimed him and Pisces and Scorpios are NOT a good match. I'm a Scorpio and I can't stand Drake. Real Feminine energy he pushes off. He is a colorist misogynistic dusty with money.

  2. Now wait a minute now, you're assuming a lot about they relationship. If U recall it was Rihanna that was showing up to every single one of Drakes shows. It could actually be the other way around, but y'all love to run with a narrative that you made up in your minds…

  3. Aren't bw tired of letting him degenerate and degrade bw yet (i.e. Megan, Rihanna, Serena, Halle Berry, etc.) by observing, copying and pasting how bm treat bw in general???

  4. I was thinking so hard. Who did I see with hair clips before but the A$AP Rocky has done it and Drake is copying him take a note streak you’re taking notes. It’s funny how he wants to be a very good and very ghetto but he’s from Canada. ??????

  5. Oh Drake, seriously why you sooo obsessed!! Get a life dude, you starting to look pathetic ? … Riri not even preeing you, she got her handsome, fashionable fellow & her 2 babies now. Let it go! You lost out & good 4 her – she dodged a bullet!

    Ps … Even if the sex was "average" (whatever tf that means), its probably just because she was uninspired & just NOT into you! ??

  6. Yo girl can I put your underwear pict on my album ? No DD please don't do it .. Drake said : Ok girl ! I be back i have to take a Shit I have diarrhea

  7. It was disrespectful and disgusting how Drake had chosen to deal with losses/rejection/failures and I hope he works on himself because his toxic behavior is also killing him. I hear frustration in his tone when he speaks about his stomach problems. If there's anyone in here who is close to Drake, please tell him that he needs to get his doctor to examine his colon. My husband had been going to the doctor for issues with his stomach about two years before his colon cancer diagnosis. Drake needs to have his colon checked. In addition, I think he needs to get therapy and work on his mind cause if his mind is not right with his past and his present, his toxicity toward women (specifically black women), his inability to reconcile with past and present rejection will kill him. He needs to change his course and do so now. He's a father and he must do better and teach his child how to accept losses/failures/rejections and how to grow positively from those experiences.

  8. Drake has turnt into someone or something else it seems so artificial he’s really lame frfr and doing to much always boy bye

  9. Drake you old news. Stop hating Rihanna a bad chic. Drake your window closing. Never disrespect H Berry. Why put someone sex life out there he not sexy. His baby mama stripper ? keep eating that sick cat meow? stomach ache

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