33 Replies to “Joe Bonamassa – “Is It Safe To Go Home” – Official Music Video”

  1. The album is the career album I have been waiting for since first hearing him back in 1992. Evolution takes time. This is the musician that couldn’t exist until now. I can’t wait to hear what comes next.

  2. Джо, я не узнала твой голос… Я впервые не узнала твой голос. В этой песне ты звучишь превосходно. Песня пронзительная, мощная. Соло гитары такое же пронзительное, яркое, как разом опрокинутые во мглу неба ослепляющие душу вспышки молний ⚡️⚡️
    И если тебе не дадут Грэмми вот хотя бы за одну эту песню – то я плюну в глаза этому жюри и совесть моя будет чиста при этом !!??
    Joe, I didn't recognize your voice… This is the first time I didn't recognize your voice. You sound great in this song. The song is poignant and powerful. The guitar solo is as piercing, bright, as the soul-blinding flashes of lightning thrown into the darkness of the sky ⚡⚡

    And if they don’t give you a Grammy for at least this one song, then I will spit in the eyes of this jury and my conscience will be clear!!??

  3. How sad to see so many immature little boys who have mutilated large portions of the body's largest organ, their skin with disgusting dangerous tattoos, along with punching holes everywhere in their body.
    These are not real man, true leaders of moral character. They're just pathetic Godless fools, followers of the latest perverted fads. How sad.

  4. Is it safe— to say: I LOVED the guitar ? and the fabulous voice of Joe, and as much as I like a good video, with anything Joe puts out, I would much rather see HIM, and the contributing artists that made this another extraordinary experience? I miss Joe & "the team"!!! Was that safe for me to admit???? ? rosita ? ?

  5. The older Joe gets the more he sounds like John Mayall. And that can only be a good thing. His guitar playing gets better and better. How can that be? He played better than anyone else years ago.

  6. Amazing job. Joe is undoubtedly a genius, he manages to combine seemingly incompatible styles — blues and classic hard rock. Joe is inimitable: he uses the frenzied pyrotechnics of flaming rock, intertwined with an authentic blues presentation, which is possible only for someone who has really experienced something serious. At his concerts, Joe Bonamassa puts the audience "on their ears" with his skill and pressure. Bravo maestro!?????

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