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13 Replies to “KAAZE feat. Sam Welch – Save The Truth For Me (Official Lyric Video)”

  1. Next Revealed releases for next week:
    -FOVOS ft. Bangs – Stuck In A Rave (October 11)
    -H93 & Arkins – Orbit (October 12)
    -Marie Vaunt – Techno Acid 303 (October 13)

    Crash & Smile:
    -Aeron Kellan – Hear The Sound

    For next 2 weeks:
    -AndyG – Wake Up (October 18)
    -KAAZE – Mick (Deluxe Edition) (October 19)
    1. KAAZE – La La Life (BLK RSE Remix)
    2. KAAZE & Mentum – Want My Love (BLK RSE Remix)
    3. KAAZE – Addicted (BLK RSE Remix)
    4. KAAZE ft. Simon Ward – Black & Blue (BLK RSE Remix)
    5. KAAZE ft. Dotter – Disobey (BLK RSE Remix)
    6. KAAZE ft. Rory Hope – Heartbeat (BLK RSE Remix)
    7. KAAZE – Why (BLK RSE Remix)
    8. KAAZE – Break Of Dawn (BLK RSE Remix)
    -Hardwell & Nicky Romero ft. MERYLL – I Wanna Dance (October 20)

  2. I've recently started to listen to 80's disco music and I would love to hear what a style of song from someone like KAAZE would sound like in that disco form. KAAZE is so good that not enough people give him the respect he deserves as a DJ.

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