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19 Replies to “Lovejoy on new single ‘Normal People Things’, long-awaited debut album and connecting with fans”

  1. seeing wilburs passion for music literally transform into this whirlwind of a journey is so amazing! i love their music, i continue to love their music with every release! its just so fulfilling from the most non parasocial proud fan moment way.

  2. great interview! love the fact that they're taking their music in a slightly heavier, more rock-y direction 🙂 also they have great music taste lol

  3. Personally, I am incredibly inspired by Lovejoy! A lot of the stuff I’ve written is loosely based on their style. Obviously, I don’t only listen to them, so I don’t sound too close, but I still draw a lot from them. I love their music.

  4. I’m so proud to have known and been a love joy fan since it was just Wilbur. You’ve all come so far and I’m so proud of you guys!

  5. as someone who’s been here since your city gave me asthma in 2019, words cannot express how proud i am of them. so glad i could come along with their journey and watch them grow, i feel like a proud parent lmao

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