30 Replies to “New Music Finds #137 – 20 CDs, 1 Record, & 1 Boxset”

  1. Great finds. I’m planning to pick up KK’s album soon. My pickups this week from Amazon was Lillian Ace “Psychoschizophrenia” & Motörhead “Seriously Bad Magic”. Went to my local used store and grabbed Electric Boys “Groovus Maximus”, Robert Plant “Now & Zen”, and Richie Sambora “Stranger In This Town”.

  2. Hey Brendon, enjoyed the video like I do all of them! Just today I picked up the Whitesnake self titled album, Dokken Tooth & Nail, Sting’s The Dream of the Turtles, Sting’s Ten Summoners Tales, Ace Frehley’s Solo album, Motley Crue Decade of Decadence, and an one I’d never seen before…”Measure for Measure” by Icehouse. Seems like their CDs are hard to come by, at least around here. Don’t know if that is because they are Australian or just possibly dismissed as a one hit wonder with “Electric Blue”. Anyway got them all used on CD at the Pinellas Park Sound Exchange down here in FL.

  3. I get where you're coming from on the Ann Wilson/Tripsitter cd. I had a similar experience with the new Paul Rodgers. Streamed it a few times at work, and it went in one ear and out the other. It wasn't until I popped the cd in the car for the long drive home from work that it really started to grow on me.

  4. Started listening to Sergeant Thunderhoof today at work, all I can say is a New Favorite Band !!!. I will be listening to them all day at work for sure. I will be ordering albums after we get back from our cruise next week. Also listen to one song from "Killers" album those will be purchased also.

  5. Been on a Rock Candy run this week – have you heard the S/T Bloodline album Brendon which I think (certainly in terms of guitar playing) is brilliant? My others:
    Keel – The Final Frontier
    Dio – Holy Diver Deluxe Box
    Coney Hatch – S/T
    Rhino Bucket – S/T
    Silent Rage – Don’t Touch Me There
    Love the channel btw!

  6. Thanks again Brendon for another fine and informative video. I'll be looking out for the Nov issue of uncut as anything new or old by the who always generates excitement!! Also can't help but notice the electric guitar sitting in the background…do you play guitar?

  7. Got a few, though I've been taking it easy with purchases so I can catch up. Going to a record store on Friday, first time since July!
    Two classic: Judas Iscariot – Of Great Eternity | Night Ranger – Dawn Patrol (Rock Candy version)
    Three new/recent: Primal Fear – Code Red | Thulcandra – Hail The Abyss | Valkeat – Fireborn

  8. Have you listened to the vinyl of Uncle Sally that was given to you? I immediately checked out the album after watching your last video with Anthony and it's incredible. Was able to snag a copy directly from Jeff the singer that day. I mentioned to him that I found out about them through your channel and he asked for the link so he could check you out. ?

  9. Love the first kk’s priest, for me it’s more melodic than the new album, most choruses are just shouting the words instead of singing. That being said I’ve listened to the new album 5 times now and it is starting to grow on me so we’ll see

  10. My music finds this week are KK's Priest: The Sinner Rides Again, Psychework: Spark of Hope (a Finnish metal bands third album), Firewind: Still Raging – 20th Anniversary Show, Praying Mantis: Keep it alive, Belinda Carlisle: Decades Volume 1: the Studio Albums Part 1 boxset and still waiting for Vandenberg: SIN.

  11. Didn't realize you weren't a fan of the blues. Assume you mean traditional blues vs. blues rock. Either way, do you have any Stevie Ray Vaughan in your collection? And I'm still hoping for that Enuff Z'Nuff ranking video one day. I don't think most folks realize how many albums EZ'N released. THX, Brendon!

  12. I'm sure you get this question a lot. But Brendon, do you ever worry about space and if you'll run out of room? I'm at 632 items and room is already becoming an issue for me ? I'm in the process of selling other things that aren't my music…

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