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The content discusses the concept of matched content and its importance in digital marketing. Matched content refers to displaying content recommendations that are similar or match the current content being viewed by users on a website. This can help increase user engagement, page views, and ad revenues. The author highlights the benefits of incorporating matched content on websites, such as providing visitors with additional relevant information, reducing bounce rates, and improving user experience. It can also help with monetization by increasing page views, displaying personalized ads, and generating more revenue for publishers. The content emphasizes the need for website owners to have a good understanding of their audience and consider factors like user intent and behavior when implementing matched content. Overall, matched content can play a significant role in enhancing user engagement, increasing ad revenues, and improving website performance.

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8 Replies to “New Music Weekly 2023 #31 w/ Trevor Rabin, Roger Waters, Yes, Jethro Tull, Camel and More!”

  1. Very comprehensive Nathan. Thank you for this. You mentioned John Mitchell formerly of It Bites. I'm just wondering whatever happened to John Beck, former keyboardist with It Bites? Such a fantastic keyboard player…

  2. So I went off to listen to the dear hunter album and I had to switch off…I just cant do the poppy style vocals and the guitar is to trebbley and like busted or green day.
    It takes the prog away for me..I really wanted to like it but just cant….?

  3. Roger Waters – bitter symphony??
    No, thank you.
    Great update, as usual, Nathan.
    I'm still listening to Harmony Codex, and some old classic rock from Nazareth.

  4. Read an article about The Yes Album boxset. Seems all the songs are single edits. Also pretty pricey for what it is. The YES tour did kick off a week or so ago. Check them out in a city near you! FOREVER YES❗️❗️❗️?

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