There is a widely-held belief that people who have been together for a long time tend to look more similar to each other. However, a recent study conducted at Stanford University challenges this notion. Researchers analyzed over 500 couples’ photographs to determine if they indeed become more similar in appearance over time. Surprisingly, the study found no evidence to support the popular belief. While facial similarities between spouses were found to exist at the beginning of relationships, they did not increase or strengthen over time. The researchers suggest that any perceived resemblance may be due to initial selection biases, socialization, and shared experiences rather than actual physical changes that occur as a result of being together. This study sheds light on the common misconception that couples start to physically resemble each other as their relationship progresses.

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28 Replies to “Rick Ram – Luuuzzaarr [Official Music Video] (2023 Chutney Soca)”

  1. Karma swing back so fast they can't even find a writer to write the so call prank song…lmfao ?. Congrats Rick Luuuuzzaarr nothinggggg ????????

  2. Imagine Rick write, compose and produce this song within a week and GI maybe still finding lyrics for he song that he suppose to send out since last week Monday ? People does really shame down themself wii.

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