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25 Replies to “Sonic Frontiers OST – I’m With You (Vocal Version)”

  1. For some time I thought the original song was good enough by itself and lyrics would not work in this, but it seems I was very wrong, this song is too beautiful

  2. Hits different when you realize that in the ending where she died the non vocal ending plays. Because all that's left is just speculation of what could have been. But in the ending where she lives its simply about a normal happy home

  3. “Dear Father” is Sage apologizing to Eggman about seemingly disappointing him, and is basically a message to him about all she wanted to say to him.

    “I’m With You” is Sage expressing her happiness about Eggman actually caring about her (as if he didn’t from the beginning), and her now having a family to live with.

    Nintendo, what the fuck are you DOING. STEP. IT. UP.

  4. Hearing the original version I got a feeling of a hero in a desperate struggle, clinging to hope in a hopeless situation. Now with the vocal version it is a heart warming and touching song of finding acceptance, belonging and self purpose.

  5. I finally came to watch this video after beating the DLC today. I feel so rewarded.

    And frankly, so should Sonic Team. They gave us a gift I will forever cherish in The Final Horizon. To them, I say the following:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, *THANK YOU!*

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