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30 Replies to “Sophie Lloyd – Imposter Syndrome (feat. Lzzy Hale) Official Music Video”

  1. Hey guys! I really hope you enjoy the title song Imposter Syndrome (feat. Lzzy Hale) from my upcoming album 'Imposter Syndrome'! There are physical copies of CDs, Vinyl LPs, Tshirts, Posters, and bundles available to pre order now! Album is out 10th November!!!

  2. First time hearing your stuff by going down the YouTube rabbit hole of similar suggestions via The Pretty Reckless. glad i clicked on it. Very much enjoyed it. It appears Sophie is the blonde guitarist, and Lzzy is the brunette singer. I very much enjoyed the singing. Will look into more from both ladies.

  3. Hi! 😀 I thought I subscribed your YouTube channel, but I must've forgot to click! xD
    I got my chance to watch your Imposter Syndrome song with LZZY HALE as Guest singer!
    This is totally amazing. The song is all good to me, the lyrics really sum (or summarize) what the song is all about in a good way! 😀
    Instrumentals are really good there, including LZZY's vocals! ^__^
    Good setting choice for making music video! The camera movements are nice, including lightings! You & the crew ought to be praised for your hard works! ^^
    And bravo again, Sophie!

  4. Remember watching you just starting out playing in your bedroom, loved the passion and love you show for the music. It shows in your eyes and boby language, you are one of my favorite artists to watch.

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