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32 Replies to “Sound Quelle – Lastecostra [Monstercat Release]”

  1. I didn't expect to find this kind of songs on Slik, I must say I really really like it. Hope the channel to continue with the music quality

  2. Just like how i said about last week’s release, i will say the same for this one.

    It has been a while since i last heard such ‘funky’ tune with disco vibe, mainly from Claes Rosen (miss that guy). I admit that i have put this song on repeat since it was released, this song is so good…

  3. Sound Quelle makes generally quality stuff. Modern yet retro vibes in this one, great work! It’s growing on me fast :).

  4. Sound Quelle is back, and I gotta say that this track is a masterpiece. If you don’t know what I mean, just listen to this and you’ll get it!

  5. Sooooo happy to see you back with Silk Music! Ive loved all your music with original Silk Music…and this one does not disappoint!!!!!!! ???????

  6. I think, I'd never listened to Sound Quelle but every little things are pretty good! Like, the voice samples, instruments, beats and etc… Anyways, our next goal is 300k of Subs for Silk!

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