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20 Replies to “XG – PUPPET SHOW & NEW DANCE (Official Multiverse Music Video)|REACTION”

  1. 16:52 XG's choreographer Sienna Lalau.
    She has choreographed for Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, BTS, Blackpink, Twice, etc.
    She choreographed many of XG's songs and her dance crew The Lab is in this video as well, they won World Of Dance.

  2. Yes ?? XGALX just continues to show off XG. Everything they’ve posted is ?. I believe puppet show is about the musical journey and the prejudice, haters and attempts of manipulation because they are a JAPANESE Global Girl Group. I remember when I commented on a Blogger’s page because he wanted to organize with other protesters to the MUSIC SHOWS to rally a full blown protest. Their music ? is always an uplifting and about taking that “Leap of Faith” to become the Standard of Excellence and being the first Xpop Group. I’m so happy and excited that you’re watching the Documentary Series “Xtra Xtra”.

    I love the Alternative Version of “New Dance” ..I love the California and Diner vibe. Sienna and the LAB dance crew have been involved with XG since their Dance ?? choreography since the beginning of their MV’s. I love how supportive Sienna has been with XG. Their entire Mini ? Album ? is Amazing.
    Thank you for taking the time out to react to their latest music ?.

  3. Loved this reaction, I hope you continue the next episodes of the documentary (you are on episode 4 ?) it gets going moving forward and continues to pull at the heart strings.?

  4. This is the second vid for New Dance, they shot it while in Cali. Sienna and the lab dancers got to do a video with XG! Sienna did the choreo for some of XGs songs plus she's been with them since pre debut. Makes me happy they got to do this.???♾️?

  5. Just wait til she listens to X-gene off the mini album. Im sure it will be her fav even if its 1min 25 seconds long. (Hesono the intro song transitions super nice into it)

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