50 Replies to “107 Gorillaz Music Facts YOU Should Know (Ep. #19) – MicDrop”

  1. My dad took me too a gorillaz show when i was younger. I was to young to pay attention unfortunately. Do remember the screen with the animations though. Nobody on stage just the screen with the real band behind it.

  2. 2D is hot as hell.. and Noodle is my spirit animal! You don’t need eyes to be hot.. I’ve been sharing their music on my blog for some time now.. but I know people will just me and them.. like always.. Anyways.. been with them since the start.. I’m from the Blur days..

  3. bro really said murdoc and 2d have a brotherly relationship or whatever when murdoc continually abuses/abused 2d in like every way possible. hes also the reason 2d has the eightball fractures 💀

  4. gorillaz is everything how our generation and demography grew up

    it's fascinating it is so popular with people who didnt

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