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35 Replies to “BETRAYING THE MARTYRS – IRAE + THE VEIL (Official Music Video)”

  1. This is absolutely fantastic and an incredibly fitting yet bittersweet farewell. Thank you guys so much for the years of amazing music! I wish you guys all the best going forward, and I would love to see you guys continue to pursue music. Rui was a great addition to the band and I'd love to see him do vocals for another band.

    Thank you BTM ✌️♥️

  2. Goodbye boys, this song is a amazing farewell song! Also, wtf is that tuning 😂 and the piano and orchestral elements is absolutely beautiful 🥹

  3. Ce qui est sûr, c'est que je n'arreterai jamais d'écouter Betraying the Martyrs !

    Merci pour tout, vous êtes géniaux ! 🤘🔥

  4. Je vous ai vu dans une petite salle de Nice en 2009 avec Eddie et le premier EP.
    Je vous ai vu avec Aaron deux fois par la suite.
    Merci et les gars et bon vent à vous !

  5. Merci à vous, de m'avoir fait vibrer surtout au summerblast 2014 quand il y avait encore Aaron en frontman vos musiques vont manquer de fou énorme Big UP 🤟🔥

  6. For me, as a set designer of this video, it was a surprise when the director said that the video would finally be released after a long time of waiting. But the next words I heard from him were: " it will be released today as goodbye to fans because the band is breaking up." I literally was shocked.

    It is an honour for me to be a part of the film crew of the music video for a band, which was one of the first professional -core bands I heard live back in 2013. But it feels really frustrating that grave we digged for this video, become the real grave for the band.

    Hope to see you guys in the future, maybe with other projects.

  7. I hope you can come back some day, if not, I will cherish the music you made with all the love it deserves, thank you for all those bangers you guys made, farewell

  8. You were one of the very first bands I listened to, when I got into metal 7 years ago. Me and my close friend blasted your music all the time, you played a huge part in developing our music taste. Also I remember Baptiste streaming overwatch at the time and being very kind to his fans, I think he's still in my friends in battle net 🙂 Thank you for all your work, you will forever take a special place in our hearts, and we wish you the very best <3

  9. Thank you so much for everything you gave to metal. This band inspired me to move to 7-string and were individually so so kind to me numerous times in North Texas. Rapture and The Resilient are two of my favorite albums of all time. What an incredible ending to it all.

  10. Guys! it's not fair to quit when you're on the top!! "Black Hole" was supposed to pave the way for more epic music!

  11. Wait hold up, what happened? I swear they have not put out anything for like a year then this gets dropped…it sucks they always made good music for the 12 years+ but damn this truely the end. Wishing them the best of luck in the future.

  12. Tellement triste 😥
    En voyant récemment que deux nouvelles chansons etait sortis j'étais impatient de voir un album sortir avec Rui Martins au début quand j'ai vu qu'il s'agissait bien là des derniers morceaux c'était pour moi comme une mauvaise blague, mais malheureusement c'était la vérité concernant la séparation de tout les membres du groupe
    Dommage que l'on est pas eu l'occasion d'écouter d'autres morceaux
    Merci BTM, pour ces 15ans, vous allez laisser un immense vide sur la scène metal en France 🤟🏻 – 6:49 😥❤ –
    Their last work are 🔥🔥

  13. I wish i had a chance to see you guys live / hope i still do. Youve been a mainstay in great metalcore along with piano-driven backgrounds. Sorry to see you guys call it quits but it was a really good career.

  14. Thank you for every moment your music saved me and my soul. Especially Black Hole ❤. Good luck guys, so your best! With best regards form Siberia

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