Blue Hair Lyrics
[Verse 1]
She asked me how to be funny
But that’s not something you can teach
What seemed so blue in the sunlight
By the night was a pale green

[Chorus 1]
And I tried to hold her
But it didn’t really last long
And she’s getting older
I guess she’s gotta cut her blue hair off
[Verse 2]
She asked me if she was pretty
Well it’s clear that the girl’s a fraud
There’s really no way of winning
If in their eyes you’ll always be a dumb blonde

[Chorus 2]
And she cried over nothing
So there was nothing I could do to stop
Her from cutting
Her beautiful blue hair off

[Verse 3]
It looked like cotton candy
And just as quick to get licked away
Last I heard she was living
With a boy who acts his age

[Chorus 3]
And I guess I’ll just miss her
Even though she isn’t even really gone
But things are just different
Ever since she cut her blue hair off

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