brent faiyaz ~ clouded (sped up)

That shit definitely broke
Gotta get it how you live, you know?
Everybody talkin’ ’bout R&B shit
I’m just talkin’ me shit
You know what I mean?
Let me hear that
I gave it all for a fantasy
Is anybody gon’ remember me?
If I go tonight, I doubt the world’ll change
I just pray they don’t forget my name
These are game rules, I can’t lose
When it’s all said and done, will I still be cool?
Spent like (how much?)
Ten thousand (ten thousand)
Twenty thousand (twenty thousand)
Thirty thousand (thirty thousand)
Forty thousand (forty thousand)
How much I’ma spend profilin’?
She come in and compliment my closet
Fuck her on the floor like I don’t give a fuck ’bout it
Your judgement get clouded when you clouted
My opposition wish I’d stop smilin’
My family wish I’d stop wildin’
I’m still on the east side smokin’ with my OG’s
‘Cause they the only ones that really know me
I was fuckin’ superstars when I was nineteen (hmm)
The shit we did, you won’t believe me
Now I’m at the turn up, lookin’ lonely
Then they wonder why I’m quiet at them house parties
‘Cause everybody see me (see me)
Roll some blunts and hit her once and now she need me (need me)
Her nigga wanna be me (yeah)
But they don’t know I’m fightin’ demons
I feel like dyin’ every season
I’ve been swimmin’ in the deep end
All my bitches know I’m leavin’ at some point (mm, I’m out)
Whether there’s a reason or not
Don’t try givin’ me reasons to stop

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