26 Replies to “Chet Faker – I Wanna Try Something New (Official Music Video)”

  1. Gold.
    The music goes on!
    Awesome video to awesome music as always.
    I love that you can see the fingerprints in the clay .
    I love that on the billboard , on a sheet of paper it read, “Get High?” Then on another it looked like it read , correct me if I’m wrong, Flume.
    I need to go to my nearest bakery today and get me some fresh baked cookies and cakes with icing/frosting…….everything in this vid looked edible …lmfao.
    Keep it rollin smooth ChetNick!
    Music does something to us!
    Live Long and Prosper 🖖🏻!

  2. Aww the vibe, this is why his music is so exceptional.
    It speaks in vibes, the style is recognizable but there are so many influences from a broad range of music.
    I just hope you can produce more and more music, as long as it's possible.
    But once you won't feel it anymore… no hard feelings, you already gave the world so much.
    Come by to Europe again.

  3. I have questions on the if this is Really Stop motion or is it computer animated. 2:26 Every color is the exact same shape. Every Color is the Exact same shape. Now, if this is your first attempt and it really was stop motion. Rudimentary at best. I Come from a Generation that had this stop motion from Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer https://youtu.be/OJWJE0x7T4Q?si=G1lu44OSU560Z1jC Now that is an example of Excellent stop motion. Take notes and and make a better video.

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