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[Intro: Dougie B]
(Glo made that beat?)
(Hahaha, get Shomii on the beat, you already know how we rockin’, man)
Niggas not fuckin wit’ us
Everything DOA, nigga
Smoking every dead nigga
If you fuck with them, nigga, we smoking ’em, nigga
Fuck you talkin’ bout, nigga
Everything K, nigga
Fuck, grrt, suck my dick
Oh my God
Bitch, I’m Get Back Gang not Sit Back Gang
Like, no nigga, you better listen
[Verse 1: CHII WVTTZ]
Better not run ’cause we totin’ this pole
Catch shots to his chest, how the fuck he ain’t go?
Bullets, they hit up his face and his throat
Bad bitch in the cut and she givin’ me throat (Gang, gang, gang)
Bet you I’m leaving the thottie, too slow
Hollows they hit him, it rip through his coat
Leg shot gang, but we aim for the throat
And his mans kеpt runnin’, I only let two (Grrt)
Like, fuck that, nigga, I spin
Don’t aim for the chеst, nigga, aim for the chin (Gang, gang, gang)
That nigga got hit, got a permanent limp
We see a notification, my niggas, they ridin’
My niggas, they ready to spin
We see a opp, hop out
My niggas, they buggin’, they ready to throw ’bout ten
That nigga pussy, he copped a new chop’
That shit collect dust, that nigga ain’t spin
We catch a opp broad day, now that nigga runnin’, he stupid, he better not trip (Dummy)
Kay-Kay he buggin’, he hop out the V
Start throwin’ these bullets, collide to his ribs (Gang)
Dougie the Makk, stop talkin’ on rap
And these caps, these niggas they know where we live (EWOK)
Bullets start flyin’, don’t care what party outside
Like hollows, they make him do flips
Gang, gang, gang, gang
Like, nigga he pussy, he Rick
Don’t got my gun on my side, he think that we lackin’
Told Swervo to pass me the blick’
We spin anywhere, one shot
Tell Bricks, stop lyin’, he really not bendin’ the strip
Sha Gz pussy, he bendin’ himself
Record and yell niggas names out the whip
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[Verse 2: C Blu]
I got a chop’ and you know I ain’t passin’
Run up on me and I’m lettin’ you have it
Two-three shots, turn a nigga to a has-been
Mexi don’t spin, like stop all the cappin’
Got beat in a cab, we ran up what’s crackin’?
Fuck Money Matt, got poked by a faggot
Y’all ain’t spin for y’all mans, y’all need to stop rappin’ (Boom)
Y’all ain’t spin for y’all mans, y’all need to stop rappin’

[Verse 3: Set Da Trend]
Niggas know who the best, it ain’t up for debate
Should’ve seen Yogi face when I up’d it and sprayed
Nigga lucky it jammed
Me and Nas on court, like we did it again
Been 94K, now I’m smokin’ your mans
Blizzy he ran
Put faith in lil’ Naz, know he totin’ the ten
For Mali, I’m uppin,’ put niggas on shirts
Smokin the Dummy, know he got it worst
Spin through the 8, shootin’ niggas for fun
Don’t think that I’m lackin’, AJ got the gun
Smokin’ them dead niggas by the ton
I never got hit by a bus, is you dumb?
This .40 I got, got unlimited drums
Tryna spin on my side, on JB, leave you done
[Verse 4: Dougie B]
New opp, it’s still RIP Baby
Old opps, we still smokin’ on Shaney
It’s a good day, we gon’ beat on his baby
Throw up MB and just watch how they hate me
Baddie, she bangin’ like Cardi
Baby, get muddy, we don’t do Bacardi
DOA be the gang
GBG, EBK boomin’ for Blay
Internet dissin’ and niggas be snakes
Bitches be treeshin’ and feenin’ to quay
And if I see the Ds, my adrenaline rush
Don’t give a fuck, bitch, I’m lettin’ it dump
They be like, “Dougz, you be doin’ too much”
“They be clickin’ too much”, it’s the demon in us
Like, hol’ on
But enough is enough
Get on the beat and I’m fuckin’ it up
Been in the field, that shit never was fun
I get so much attention, I walk wit’ a gun

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