If Looks Could Kill* Lyrics
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If looks could kill
Baby, I’m the fashion demon
Ridin’ down Candler Road, and I’m speedin’
I got hella hoes tryna fuck me and my bros (My bros)
I got hella shows lined up, I’m on the road (On the road)
I get hella green, yeah, I get hella ‘chos (Hella ‘chos)
These niggas green as fuck, I’m ’bout to get over
No, bitch, I’m not greenin’ out, you could not get over (Can’t get over)
I just like to ball hard, ball like Dellavedova (Dellavedova)
Don’t shop at Dover’s (Nah)
Don’t shop at Neiman’s (Nah)
Don’t commit treason (Nah)
Everything I do is for a reason
Everything I do is so strategic (Huh)
Baby, please don’t leave mе
I don’t need you, and I know that you don’t need me
I done got this fly, so, I’m on a date with thе moon this evenin’
She act cool, but I know she evil, so deceivin’
If looks could kill, that makes everyday Halloween (It’s Halloween)
All these bitches, I don’t need no wingman (No wingman)
I get racks and I don’t sell no weed, man (Not right now)
I smoke dope by the pound, yeah, for real
Huh, I’m on the top of the mountain, king of the hill (Top Floor)
I don’t like no swisher, I like Grabba Leaf, lil’ nigga (Grabba, grabba, grabba)
Real deal codeine sipper, walk ’round with a purple liver (Purple)
Uh, I’m a fashion killer, I’m the shit, pop a band (Pop a band)
I’m a real big baller, but won’t let no lil’ bitch play with me
I’m a pussy killer, after I hit it, might let her lay with me
She a fashion killer, check out how she walkin’, yeah, look, she slayin’ it
My boy got a trigger finger, he ready to pull it so please don’t play with him
I smoke ’til my lungs black, lil’ bitch, I take that lil’ blunt and I face that shit
I look at my demons and face ’em
Take the Chrome Heart Timbs and I lace ’em
I’m walkin’ through hell, I got an FN loaded up with a laser
My bitch rockin’ Chanel, I put on Balenciaga for all of my haters
I gotta go, bitch, l’Il see you later (Go)
I’m the dark lord, real soul taker
I’m the Top Floor Boss, a lil’ player (Boss)
I put on big pants, real deal raver (Real raver)

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