30 Replies to “Elijah The Boy previews new music, “Get into Sum” #viral #shorts”

  1. If I have to hear another ‘up and coming artist’ put a verse on a song that is already complete ARSE. Well…


  2. ⚡️🔥🎵💯🔐🪩🙌🍾🤙🏽🥂 adding to my playlist when it drops along with not a gang and protect the riches ⚡️🔐🤙🏽🥂💯🪩🙌🔥🎵🍾 lock in fam

  3. haha idk as a woman we kind of already know that men feel this way. Saying it out loud is not rly cute at all to me but it's catchy! So there's that.

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