45 Replies to “Ella Mai – DFMU (Official Music Video)”

  1. (N it’s not hosanna it JAQUANN MY POP’s is my pops Tupac in a mental hospital ik that I just ain’t say shit and I been knew my pop’s was my pops I just believe everything my gods tell me BUT FROM THE TIME I OPEN MY EYES FROM REST THEYLL NEVER TEST ME OR THE WORLD AGAIN ONLY TRAIN AMEN)

  2. Sought hype and motivation at park Inman I can see images of her and I in process and recycled cd is my fault in management but Ella isno waste a persona and suspect in finding songtress

  3. Wait who that nicca looking drake in your video that made me jealous. It could be me in that video in the car 🚗 lovely & dovely mine heart 💔got shatter. I’m your biggest crush Ella mai ❤️❤️

  4. Someone help me the chorus sounds like a rnb song I swear I’ve heard maybe early 2000’s can’t put my finger on it though please enlighten me someone bye love this song!

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