​going quietly Lyrics
Can you see me still?
Yeah, i dont wanna see u though
She cover me, blood is cold
I don’t wanna be here by yourself
Just another toy in a cell
I dont wanna be here by yourself
Just another day by yourself
’til we fall in love in a cell

In a grave so we feel safe
Catch a fall that you couldn’t break
To the poison, numb the pain
In my head when i’m by myself
Seeing things but it wasn’t real
[?] but i’m always still
You can cry, can cry though

Did you startle me?
It’s so difficult
Cuts on my knees
She resent me
Understand me
All around these
That’s what i believe
Youre not there for me
Never felt free
Ur the enemy

I can’t take the pain
How she lie to me
Going quietly
Suicide me
Friends with OCs
They can’t help me
Im so lonely

Thru the dark please
Where the lights bleed
Not where i can see
Nothing scared of me
Thinking, honestly
They don’t lie to me
They destroying me

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