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35 Replies to “Harry Styles Pissed At Zayn Malik For New One Direction Diss”

  1. We should be on both sides perhaps zayn was a part of 1D, so lets just be pair for the both of them. Harry was just so dissappointed on Zayn's departure, he was so sad that Zayn left the band for what reason he have , same feeling also on the other boys (Liam,Louis,Niall) but we should be proud on what Zayn has achieved . THIS BOYS ARE REALLY TALENTED. NOT JUST ZAYN OR HARRY BUT ALL OF THEM 💖 Lets just love them the way they wanted to be 💖 #DIRECTIONERFOREVER!

  2. harry didn’t diss zayn, zayn was just answering a question too. no need to pick teams but i’ll always be beside 1D rather than all their solo careers but it’s not like i hate them. the only thing getting in the way was their shitty management

  3. She was literally okay..she didn't sound even good though..and I am surprised of the facts of those people who say she was better than zayn!! Excuse me people u seriously need to visit the ear doctor..zayn is nt even one but a billion times better than that so called girl. .please go and have a check up please. .zayn voice is unique. .none can even think of recreating that magic again..I think learning the lyrics and singing r two different things guys..Haha 4 those who even had the thoughts of her comparing wid zayn..

  4. Listen you horrible stupid creppy types media, no one dissed no one so leve them alone pls. Already Zayn suffered a lot, thanks to you guys

  5. I don’t like Zayn, I mean, he originally came in as a solo artist, but if he didn’t want to be in the band he could’ve just decided not to be in it before everything started, but he accepted because he wanted the fame, which was given to him BECAUSE of One Direction, and now he is just acting ungrateful. Yeah, the management didn’t give him as much freedom as he would’ve wanted, but what the good things? Thanks to the band, everyone knows him, thanks to the band he has travelled all around the world, thanks to the band he has money, thanks to the band his vocals have improved (compared to his first audition in BGT) , thanks to the band he has met a lot of famous people, thanks to the band he is what he is right now, etc. I mean just appreciate it , damn, if you want to go on with your life and be a solo artist , do it, just don’t throw shade to the people that in a certain way “created you”

  6. When did Harry Styles ever say that? If he didn't say it for me to look it up I don't believe it. Although Harry probably was sad ans frustrated. But I LOVE Harry with all my heart so always team #1D and #HARRY!!!

  7. So where is that Harry told Zayn anyting we are number one down bottom line you can be whatever you want be grateful there's a better way of twerking he's talking out of his ass Zayn we understand you but why you hating take responsibility for what you're feeling is a personal thing with your own self

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