An article link is a text about your project as a whole or about a specific product, links leading to the landing page are inserted into it. The finished material is placed on the donor site with good characteristics. Thus, you get some content that tells the audience about you, and a high-quality seo link that conveys a lot of link weight and strengthens the trust – trust of search engines to your site. How exactly do article links help in SEO
To promote in search engines, you need other resources on the Internet to link to your site. This tells search engines about its relevance and credibility.

Different links transfer different weight to the site – this is a conditional value that indicates the degree of influence on SEO. The weight of the link is affected by its type, age, thematicity, characteristics of the donor site and other parameters.

The article link is very “weighty” from the point of view of SEO. The reason is in the text surrounding it, which:

it corresponds to the topic as much as possible, since it is written specifically for the promoted page and product;
contains keywords that allow you to rank in the search by target queries and further enhance thematicity;
it can potentially attract traffic, increasing the effectiveness of promotion; as a rule, it is never removed from the donor site, which is why the age and weight of the link gradually increase.

Where and by what parameters to choose a site for an article

If you want to select sites for placement yourself, keep in mind that it is time-consuming: you will have to study the site catalogs, manually check the characteristics, search for the contact details of the webmaster and agree on placement and payment. An alternative option is to use the services of a link exchange or an SEO service such as Rookee: they will compose a text for you there, and find a site for placement, and after approval they will publish the finished material.

Nevertheless, it is useful to understand what requirements the layout site should meet.

Basic indicators: X, PageRank, Trust
Third-party sites that host links to your site (including articles) are called “donors”. The main technical parameters by which they are evaluated are X (the Yandex site quality index) or PR (PageRank is a similar indicator of Google) and trust (the metric of trust of search engines to the site). Most often they focus on the ICS, since it is easy to measure: ideally, this indicator should be noticeably higher for a donor site than for your site.

Subject and region
Finding a thematic site that suits your niche will be an undoubted plus for SEO. But for a number of reasons it is better to use sites of a general orientation:

Lack of niche sites. Finding the perfect thematic site to host an article can be difficult. This is especially noticeable if you engage in article promotion regularly and choose a new site for each material – soon they will simply end.
Lack of clear geo-linking. The owners of websites that post articles and links intentionally do not limit the geography to a specific region, since it is not profitable for them. It may be simply impossible to find a website about, for example, floristry in Moscow. And about floristry in Russia – it is quite real. Expensive. Placement on a good thematic resource costs significantly more than using a platform on general topics with high indicators of ICS and trust.

There are often sites of a general orientation with sections on different topics. Placing an article in such a section will be the optimal solution in terms of benefits and impact on SEO. In any case, there is no need to worry about thematicity: it is provided by your text, the keywords used in it and the anchor links.

If you are moving in a particular region, it is enough to use keywords in the text containing the name of the city or region. This way, search engines will understand which users to show your text to, even if the placement site is not linked to the target region.

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