21 Replies to “Katy Nichole – “In Jesus Name (God of Possible)” (Official Music Video)”

  1. If there's ever been a more powerful song that glorifies our Lord and a more powerful call to prayer I'd be hard pressed to find it. I'm late to the party and just came across this song and Katy Nichole a couple weeks ago, but I just keep coming back to it it's that inspirational to me.

  2. This song touched me and I’m so grateful for this. It makes me cry when I hear this.
    In Jesus name and in his light I shall walk forever more.
    This is such a beautiful song.

  3. Never give up praying for anyone who’s struggling ….God is a GOD of possible! My mom was one of the miracle I’ve prayed since I was a child .She’s alcoholic and was depressed! She’s healed after a decade of praying!

  4. In lord Jesus name dear lord Jesus frogive me please in lord Jesus name marke 11:25:when ye stand preying first frogvie so that lord Jesus secretly love you in lord Jesus name oman forgive me too please in lord Jesus name

  5. In lord Jesus name I use to pray in Jesus name but when ye started singing in Jesus name my lord Jesus moved my faith to in lord jesus name why cause ye went against me asking forgiveness in lord Jesus name when lord Jesus is salvation of whole world there no secret Bout forgiveness until ye make it a problem in lord Jesus name

  6. Native texan. I know it has been a year but I wanted to say GOD bless you and your wife. We are vwry different people but ito a different degree we have the same story in life I'm glad you arestill alive

  7. Please keep my nephew baby in prayers. She was born on the 28th September 2023 at 28wks old. She was doing well however they put her back on the ventilators this afternoon. I pray for her healing in Jesus name. Her name is Brielle Naidoo.

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