King of the Rats Lyrics
What’s up bitch, fuck you!

It’s too fucking late
Weakness is engrained into your being
We all finally see you
Nothing but an insecure coward

Don’t let that tongue get your teeth smashed out
Dragging me down
Your path no more
How did you
Even get this far

Holding onto everything you’ve done
Until it suits your agenda
Flip the script and see the shit you do
Keep my name out of your filthy mouth

Now I smash my knuckles into bone
And it still doesn’t satisfy
I can’t lie I wish nothing but pain for you
White noise
Without sight
And alone

I can’t deny your wish you had died today
I can’t say if I’ll be able to restrain myself
Don’t try to beg for help
I promise you it’ll come close

King of the rats
A title too good for the scum that you are
King of the rats

I’ll keep you alive so you can live with your fucking scars
Carry them with you forever
You fucking maggot

King of the rats

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