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28 Replies to “Kylie Jenner Forms Taylor Swift Rival Squad In New Music VIDEO”

  1. nothing wrong with black guys there are plenty of attractive ones but I love white guys (btw I'm a black girl) I never understood why they dated black guys except kourtney but I love them still well really just Kim but still

  2. You guys are sad – the Kartrashians are trash – Kylie is famous because of plastic surgery!!! I mean can you tell me what exactly her talent is? Your shoving their phsyco family on the public every second as role models:
    1) Kim made a porno movie.
    2) Kris Jenner turned her husband into a woman.
    3) Chloe does exercise.
    4) Courtney cant get over Scott.
    5) Kylie – the most useless one.
    6) Kendall who is a model and is always out with her black leggings on.

    Stop your BS stories!!! – Get some real information out here. I honestly never want to see another single story about your Kartrashian reality stars! They are gross.

  3. Dont kill me but the truth is kloe was conceived at one of those orgy mansion parties rich people have by oj Simpson and kris jenner. Anybody seen eyes wide shut?

  4. Question why the Kirdashians so famouse well Cause their big bootiesand kim sex tape and then Tyga leaving his wife and baby child for Kylie. Plus for their TV series keeping up with the kirdashians and their dad Coming Out being transgender plus Kendall in VS fashion show and the face of estee lauder, maybe cause of all that

  5. This made me so uncomfortable when she spoke about what colour penis she was married to. Almost seemed racist and a tad bit insecure. I'd like to think that she is just stupid and not a racist moron.

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