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33 Replies to “Little Big Town – Pontoon (Official Music Video)”

  1. Sarah is that you on mikes boat this summer you sent me ? What’s up girl drive safe you guys are so adorable together on the boat every summer for the past three years.??‍??? Hey no need to send a pitch next year.

  2. I don’t Necessarily like the song but I relish the memories that comes with it ? use to hear this every mornin on the bus to summer camp, couldn’t listen to music really at home then and wasn’t the best house so hearing this and remembering all the friends and memories made at camp maleness it a good song ??

  3. Living in Minnesota, we usually only have 5 good months of boating. First song we played this summer when we took the pontoon out? Last song? You got it right, "Pontoon!"

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