We perceive music through the organs of hearing – the ears. The ears, in turn, according to the U-sin scheme, are included in the element Water and the Kidney organ. The ears are the window of the Kidney organ, through which it exchanges energy and information with the outside world.

Music nourishes the Kidneys. And it doesn’t matter which one – the one that you like. If you are not a fan of classical music, but you will force yourself to listen to it for therapeutic purposes, there will be no filling with energy. Do you want pop, do you want rock or rap – your pleasure is important here.

And the Kidneys love silence… Remember how, once in nature, you exclaim – how quiet it is here! The noise of the city is not good…

The silence of nature is the singing of birds, the noise of trees in the wind. The silence of the city is a constant noise. Therefore, listening to the sounds of nature in the recording will also have a beneficial effect on the Kidneys. And if you find yourself in the forest, then try to keep your attention on the sounds of the forest – consciously.

Kidneys in Chinese medicine are called “the first celestial” – their fullness and the right balance of energies are extremely important for health.

And if you notice hearing problems, then this is a sign to take care of the Kidneys (in the context of traditional Chinese medicine, not a urologist)

Music and heart rhythms

The different rhythm of music affects the rhythm of the heart in different ways.

If the rhythm is a little faster than the heart, then it invigorates and amuses. Here the key “a little bit” is tuna, tuna, tuna with light music in clubs in relation to the heart and the whole body + alcohol / drugs – a nuclear bomb. And against a glass of wine to jazz, for example, I have nothing and heart rhythms too 🙂

If the rhythm of the music is lower than the heart rate, then such music is disturbing.

The most useful music with a heart-level rhythm.

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