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25 Replies to “New Games for Old Consoles – Game Sack”

  1. Joe your super good at shooters for some reason. Thanks for introducting me to Thunder Force IV but damn its hard!! You make it look easy. The boss rush at the end is ridiculous. I used unlimited lives just to practice that. Damn!! Stupid hard.

  2. ugh.. the first 3 games are just missing something to them I don't know if it's more enemies or just more gameplay, but they are quite boring. The fast striker game should of been the pink bullet titled game lol.

  3. bro dave appearing after he saying goodbye was like when captain america grabbed mjolnir during the thanos fight, exciting.

  4. HA!! In the first game you said the music is apropriatte!! KKKKkk !! It is hard to feel this kind of music when you've played TOO MUCH SHOOTERS!! Shotters have the best music around in games hands down!! Thunder Force IV, Battle Garega, Syper Aleste, Radiant Silvergun, Darius II, Greylancer, Espagdula, Galactic Force, Dimahoo… and so so much more that is hard to put in a list!! We've been spoiled with too great music, that is hard to match! Shooters are the cream of the crop in this regard, and it's almost like the composers compettes against each other and themselves to match the previous and current standarts of the genre!!!!

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