♪ Song: hell is a teenage girl
♪ Artist: Nessa Barrett
♪ Original:


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♪ Artist: サブあられ @era_sub
Thumbnail Character: dorothy (nikke)
♪ sarcastic.:

Instagram: underdogs.nc

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28 Replies to “Nightcore | SPED UP ↬ hell is a teenage girl”

  1. Dang No matter if its with cool edits or no Underdogs always on the top❤ love ya nightcores❤ ur first nightcore that i watched was "looking at me" tbh u gave me motivation to start do some nightcores but ofc im not that skilled at editing like u so i dont make edits and also im doing nightcores on mobile so it dont looks so perfect like ur vids but im trying my best bcs u gave me motivation to start :3 ❤ and since 3 years im gonna stay as ur fan until the end wish ya long live(bcs i want to see a lot a lot awesome nightcores) and also health 🙂

  2. Hello amazing person)))) for 4 years now I have been following your channel, I really love everything that you do, music, text, picture, effects. Do not convey the feeling of your creativity, do not give it up. I apologize for my "English" I am from Russia)))

  3. U N D E R D O G S. Always believe in your dreams and goals in life and hold on to them because one day you will achieve all of this ❤ Just stay the way you are and don't let others tell you otherwise 💕 You are perfect the way you are, so stay that way ❤ You are unique with your channel and you just make such good videos so keep up the good work with your class content and I wish you the best of the best and all the luck in the world that one day you make it big 💖

  4. Well let's be honest the whole freedom thing is a hell of thier creation ans rhen comes the equality thing that will absolutely show true hell's colors that girls wanted while real women are living the best lives they could dream of 😂 more sad sonfs to come 🎉

  5. Will u still think I’m pretty

    When I come back 2 bite? …

    We’re delicate & dangerous

    Should b afraid of us …

    No one knows how delicate & dangerous I am….

    Thanks 4 reminding me.. 🌺

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