16 Replies to “Officials: Over 200 found dead at music festival site after Hamas attack”

  1. I already see it differently! The English kingdom of a thousand and one lies that was behind the Nazi-Ukrainian attacks on the Russians in the Donbass, has already achieved its objective by taking the European Union into the hole, first it carried out its Brexit. Now this same kingdom channels its conspiratorial spirit towards the countries recently joining the BRICS. The history of Palestinians is no different from indigenous people in North America, Jews in ghettos, African Americans and the people of South Africa. I was not the one who said that Hitler was Jewish and would probably be Israeli, who wasted time searching and said that found the bones of Christ.

    Analyst explains why the US can put Ukraine on the back burner while helping Israel
    Following Hamas' surprise attack, Israel reportedly requested precision-guided bombs and additional interceptors from the United States for its Iron Dome air defense system. How could the conflict in the Middle East affect Washington's commitments to Kiev?
    The Israeli Iron Dome, a short-range air defense system, was crushed by Hamas attacks last Saturday (7), revealing its vulnerability.

  2. These are terrorists… but CNN says January 6 was a terrorist act. Hmmm. seems like an overreaching description but when faced with it for real, they're mystified. But hey, they're celebrating in the streets of New York wrapped with Palestine flags holding signs and so it's only a matter of time before they try that HERE!

  3. You seee with what we dealing now??? They are monsters. Start open your eyes. These arabs are fucking monsters. They try to manipulate you into feeling sorry for them but this is thier true form. Just look at the mess they do in europe.

  4. Please explain why Israelis would want to recognize a Palestinian state right beside them, when that region is controlled by Hamas, which in turn is controlled by Iran, BOTH of which have called for the total destruction of Israel? The atrocities committed by Hamas in recent days is unimaginable. Elderly grandmothers paraded through Gaza as war captives, entire families taken hostage, some 40 babies killed in one community alone, an Israeli woman taken away while screaming please don't kill me just after they shot her boyfriend…..

    What also boggles the mind is the sheer number of LIBERALS who support Hamas, including some Jewish liberals! If Muslims like those with Hamas or other Islamic extremist groups took control of Boston, or New York, or other cities where liberals are protesting and parading around for the "Palestinian cause", even excusing what Hamas did, it is THEY would be rounded up by these Islamic extremist and exterminated. How freaking stupid can they be? They support or ignore the Nazi-like actions of Hamas, while at the same time calling those who want things like legal immigration, good police forces, or parental rights in schools, "nazis".

  5. Its all horrible. Apparently, apartheid and interment camps are not a good way to manage undesirables after you steal their land? Israel was so horrified by what was done during the holocaust, that they have been trying it on the Palestinians for the last 50 years. Down with All religion and race separation. There never was a god and there is only one race, the human race. Shame on all involved

  6. Israel has very strict gun control laws for its citizens. The poor citizens of Israel were defenseless. Democrats are always touting strict gun control in the USA which is again proven to not work. Oppose any democrat gun bans and gun laws. Only 2% gun ownership in Israel, very sad day for the people.

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