Sound producer Yulia Taravkova explained the popularity of the song of the patriotic singer SHAMAN, which was trending on YouTube all November.

Taravkova noted that the range of the song is one and a half octaves, and also drew attention to the beautiful backing vocals with elements of folk singing, a strong emotional chorus and bright high notes.

“The crow is a bright, memorable musical image that the most extraordinary performers used in their songs. The image symbolizes a phenomenon in the music industry that differs from the crowd, which, apparently, the author claims. You won’t hear electronic sounds in the arrangement, I think SHAMAN sings live and performs with a live cast of musicians, which is undoubtedly worthy of respect,” Taravkova told the publication .
SHAMAN’s songs become popular immediately after the release, the artist began to gather full halls and surprisingly accurately meet the demands of the audience. According to the VTsIOM poll, the singer became the second in the list of the best performers in Russia. He lost only to Oleg Gazmanov.

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