Producer Alexander Tolmatsky harshly criticized the new patriotic idea of singer SHAMAN (Yaroslav Dronov). The singer believes that it is time to integrate the sound of folk musical instruments into all the songs.

Tolmatsky began his speech by saying that he was fine with SHAMAN. The producer has the right to his opinion, so he considered it normal to speak out about his proposal, allegedly aimed at reviving the Russian stage. Innovative views are not always beneficial. In this case, they can only go to harm, since the inclusion of bell chimes in all compositions is not necessary for anyone.

Tolmatsky believes that it is worth choosing an individual approach to each song. It is important to take into account the style of the music itself and the arrangement. The producer does not advise artists to listen to SHAMAN, so as not to lose their audience.
“To begin with, I want everyone to turn on their heads. You have to do what you think is necessary. There is no need to give advice right and left. Let people decide for themselves what to do,” Tolmatsky added.

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