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46 Replies to “Reviewing Rick Ross & Meek Mill’s “SHAQ & KOBE” & Is New Music Too Repetitive? | Rap Life Review”

  1. Truth when they said nobody makes that sound and that feeling 🔥🔥 always been a fan of 2 greats!!!

  2. They could of least got someone on that knew what they talking about in regards to Tupac..it take 5mins to research ..all we got was guess work…do better guys …

  3. Meek and Ross is exactly what we needed! Established artist "Yes" but them boy came out with straight fire, their own unique styles. Cant like I play Shaq & Kobe at least 3x a day since it dropped

  4. Ross and meek, get drake on a track. I know they’ve both done a few tracks with him but a 2023 Refresher is Guaranteed to shake up hip hop. 💯

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