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30 Replies to “SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) ‘손오공’ Official MV”

  1. l adore Mingyu's voice, l look at him, and understand that Yasmin, a 19-year-old idol actress and photo model, is perfect for Mingyu, very beautiful natural by nation Chechenka from Korea, a member of a Japanese group from Japan

  2. We want a repeat of the happenings at the fact(maybe even better, more than 2 major awards) we need to str3am if we can. For motivation, did u see the concept photos for seventeenth heaven already?

  3. Congratulations for SEVENTEEN & US(CARATS) :,) .. our next goals are MAMA & EMA so please carats we need to work harder lets aim for more str3@ming here & in sp0t¡fy

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