Something Going On Lyrics
Crack it
We will crack it (2x)

Speed of light – ooh
Running right – aah
The way we strike
Surprise, surprise
The glorious knigths
Shining so bright
Ooh – we all came for
To see the true battle
The rumble and the rattle
The challenge that will
Drop you off the saddle
Now, hold on tight
Here we go – can you handle
I know there’s something going on
Heeyey heeyey naah naah ooouh ooh
I know there’s something going on
There is something going on
I know it won’t be long
It won’t be long before you’re gone
There’s something going on

To see the true battle
The rumble and the rattle
Crack it
We will crack it (2x)

Fire in dem – soul
Make you go – go
Every last man on the
Defence know
Stakes are high
Oh my – oh my
Everybody is watching
U be under eagle-eye
Closer than – ooh
We want more
Where there’s a will
There’s a way, ride on
C’mon c’mon, keep, keep it on
Pump that pressure
We are about to take it home
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Give me what you got
The going gets tough
We gotta rock – we gotta rock
And we ain’t gonna stop, till we get enough
So pump it, pump it – trip on this
Make it look so easy like a flick of a wrist
You might be bad but you don’t have this
Here we come – pam – pam
Yes, it’s the champion
On the run – number one
Now, this is how it’s done
Uuuap – uuuap
You’ll be on for a ride
Uuuap – uuuap
It’s the cup of life
Ooooh – ooooh
No more mr.nice
Ooooh – ooooh
We gonna battle to survive
Our minds are set
See the effect
We come correct
And we are your best bet
Just check the way we wreck
We gonna rock – yep
Cos’ ain’t no shortcut for real respect

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