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34 Replies to “Style Stage: A New Documentary About Hair, Style, and Music (Full Movie)”

  1. i liked tegan and sara without having a special "style" they had their own. why do they need a pop culture imagine? silly sara's girlfriend :p

  2. Love this vid! Im a Cosmo Instructor, and plan to have all my students watch this tomorrow for class as an inspiration! πŸ˜€

  3. And what category would that be? The only one lumping anyone into a category is you lumping yourself. All I was trying to say is that popular singers today are less original in that they're ALL trying to be original. Of course, every little girl thinks she has to conform to societies opinion of "pretty" i.e. Skinny, toned, flawless skin, perfect hair, tight clothes, etc.

    While the singers here are more interested in showing their personal style, showing that it's okay to be different.

  4. is there any place i can find the soundtrack used for this documentary? it's outstanding. congratulations on such an awesome project done so well.

  5. T&S are beautiful no matter what the hell they are wearing, or how their hair is cut….just my personal opinion. They are talented self-made musicians.

  6. Something low maintenance. My cousin is on dive team and she's a complete water bug. She used to keep her hair long but the chlorine was horrible on it, so she got a short bob cut.

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