43 Replies to “Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do”

  1. I was Vibing to her amazing talent and choreography until at the very end on the bottom I saw "Big Machine Label Group" I threw up.

  2. This era of Taylor for me is and will be the most iconic. There is something in this song that gives me chills. I love it for more years that pass. I enjoy it more. Its lyrics are so addictive and intense.

  3. So just wondering all these years later… its a written rule that Oscar awards cannot be used as "set dressing" in video /photos. Winners are never supposed to take photos with them for self-promotion (after the awards night). I wonder if the Grammy's got salty about the statuette being used like this in the video and that's part of the reason for Reputation's snub.

  4. I remember I used to love this song a few months ago. Like it was my alarm and everything. I kinda forgot about it… until it came on my playlist and is my all time fav song rn

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