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25 Replies to “Taylor Swift – The Man (Official Video)”

  1. Taylor, we'd rather see the lovely you💖 instead of watching you dress up as a man 🙂
    But I am fine with whatever you do, cuz I know you're smart! 😉

  2. I don't agree with this song. As a woman, you are more fortunate because you do not have such abnormalities that are more common in men, this is due to biological factors. Nowadays, women adapt much better to society than men. If I were a man, I would most likely achieve less.

  3. y donde esta la parte que dice que los hombres solo son valorados por su capacidad de proveer o la parte donde los hombres no pueden tener sentimientos porque eso es ser debil o la parte que habla de lo inconveniente que es ser un hombre de baja estatura

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