Abroad, the Ukrainian cartoon collected $8,131,578. The budget of the film itself was 200 million hryvnia.

Cartoon based on the drama-fairy Lesya Ukrainka Mavka. Forest song became the most successful film in terms of box office receipts in France. This is evidenced by data from the Box Office Mojo website.

In particular, a month after the premiere, movie theaters continue to be filled. In total, 452,138 tickets were sold, and the box office is.3,547,352.

For example, in Ukraine, the cartoon collected 3 million 155 thousand dollars. Only for the first rental weekend, the cartoon was viewed by 189,048 viewers.

This is followed by Italy – $817,195 and the Netherlands – 293,525 thousand. dollars.

The animated film was already able to overtake the comedy I, you, He, She, which collected 23 million hryvnias in the first six days of the show and two parts of a frenzied wedding.

Earlier it was reported that a third of Guardians of the Galaxy earned 1 114 million in its debut weekend on the domestic market.

The trailer for the cartoon Mavka has been released. Forest Song

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