The guru of patriotic songs SHAMAN in 2022 did not get out of the music tops. The bright end of the year will be a new composition, the words of which are known to everyone in Russia from young to old, Yaroslav Dronov let slip in an interview with PopCornNews.

Every New Year at exactly midnight, this song sounds in all houses, it can also be heard on Red Square on May 9, and in some educational institutions, no new week begins without it. The words of the composition were written more than two decades ago by the writer Sergei Mikhalkov. We are talking about the anthem of Russia.

The young star has already performed it in Yalta in 2022. The video with the performance flew into the trends of the whole country, and the fans did not cease for a second and begged the singer to release the official version.

“People just flood me with a huge number of letters — when will I officially release the anthem of Russia in my arrangement, in my performance, in my reading? I think I will do it by the end of the year,” the artist shared his plans.

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