In the early 2000s, the artist Mr. Credo literally conquered the audience overnight with his song “Slow”. The track with the words “Today we are spinning in a white dance …” was played on all radio stations and discos of the country.

The musician’s songs “Wonderful Valley”, “Mama Asia” and some others also found wide public support. However, pretty quickly Mr. Credo disappeared from the airwaves and stopped performing at major events.

As it turned out, the artist has not left the world of music and continues to release new tracks. However, now Mr. Credo is performing for a narrower audience. In addition, the musician changed his image and replaced the eastern kufiya with a leather cap.

At the same time, recently the singer’s name appears in the news primarily against the background of scandals. So, recently Mr. Credo decided to sue for copyright with the famous comedian Mikhail Galustyan, as well as with the VKontakte and Yandex.Music services.

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