The Yandex.Music service now has the ability to share tracks uploaded by users themselves. This was reported by the resource Code Durov with reference to the publication Rozetked. Support for downloading custom tracks appeared in Yandex.Music back in 2017, before it was impossible to share them with other users of the streaming service — only the users themselves had access to their tracks.

Now, in the playlist creation management interface on the Yandex.Music service website, an option has appeared that allows you to share downloaded music. At the same time, there have been no official announcements on this matter from Yandex itself so far.

The fact that Yandex.Music can allow users to upload tracks to a shared catalog became known at the beginning of last month. According to Kommersant’s sources in the music industry at the time, this innovation will make it possible to replenish the catalog of the service against the background of the withdrawal of foreign labels and individual performers from the Russian market. At the same time, according to sources, all uploaded tracks will be checked in the service for copyright compliance and marked as user tracks.

More details about how the provision of user tracks in Yandex.Music for general access will be regulated will become known after the official announcement of the service.

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