Fuck Court Lyrics
Go away, 6houl

Nigga, if I’m broke, that’s so sad of me
Majority of the time I got them racks with me
I been stacks on deck but I ain’t SOD
I been a lil’ nigga with that check on me
You try me and the gang, that’s just a tragedy
And all the shit I wear, I know they mad at me
And all the shit I did, I know they made at me
Fuck you nigga (Fuck ’em), yes, stay mad at me
I’m counting all this cash, yeah, I’m too happy (Damn)
I’m at a private low, you can’t get the addy
This bitch is shaking ass, they rolling off Addy’s
Street nigga, but the life I live is so fancy
I feel like Soulja Boy, bitch, I’m the swag daddy
I’ma cop a FN, let it sign like Cassie
When I’m in that Beamer, nigga, no, you can’t pass me
Feel like Rich the Kid, I always got a bag on me
Like a proud mom, them bitches, they gon’ brag on me
‘Cause everybody love me, it’s a south-side thing
I took thirty thousand out the southside bank
Got Tris, I got Quagen, yeah, I’m ’bout my drank
And I’m down to help my niggas who have not a thing (Thing)
I been up in that field, ain’t shit but a chicken wing
We need to animal hunt, nigga, how we killing things
And nigga, you a bitch, don’t mention my name
Man, you gon’ meet the Glock, try to touch my chain
I’m feeling like the ’06, Gucci Mane
I know I’m not invisible so I pray in vein
I’m riding ’round, nigga, and I’m smoking propane
I’m riding ’round, nigga, not-not with no lames
Damn, the way this choppa sign, thought it was Rick James
They want clout off your name and that’s just a shame
They want clout off your name, they ain’t got no brain
And that .45, it hit him, he ain’t got no brain
Like nigga, fuck the system, nigga, had to change
Plus I’ll feel like the victim, don’t care if I ran away
Man, free lil’ Tay-K, I been did the race
And she wanna play games, this is not charades
And I sip the lean to the Hennessy
And free my niggas that gotta make [?]
Fuck the internet, my computer, how a nigga get paid
A bad bitch in my vision and you know I hear slay
Fuck court, nigga, I’ma have y’all money by May
I came with the gang, that’s how we mobbing today
I came with an AR and I came with a K
Like which one should I grab? How I’m feeling today?
And R.I.P. Goon, nigga, “Hey auntie”
I’m pimping your old bitch, look what your bitch bought me (Your bitch)

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