​i need u Lyrics

Me and my bitch, we be off them drugs
We match everything, yeah, ’cause we in love
I fucked your bitch, huh, ’cause you a scrub
And you not gang, you a lame, you a dub
I kicked that lil’ bitch off my roster, huh-huh, I need a sub
They stealin’ my swag and they follow, yeah-yeah, these niggas suck
On a dark day-ay, I need ya’
When we part ways, ayy, I need ya’
Ayy, yeah, I need you
Like oxygen, without you, baby girl, I can’t breathe
I been showin’ off my pain lately, I tatted up my sleeve, yeah
Balenciaga my jeans, yeah
Rick Owens still on my tee, yeah
SRT, a red key, yeah
These niggas ain’t fuckin’ with me
These niggas can’t fuck with me, if they was a baddie
With a fatty, give a fuck about a bad bitch
I’ll turn your favorite rapper, yeah, into ashes
Watch his body drop through my Balenciaga glasses
Don’t talk about that bitch no more, if you don’t see me with her, she past tense
These niggas stopped flexin’ on Instagram, where yo’ racks went?
Where yo’ racks go?
Oh, you spent it on hoes, money, drugs and clothes
I’m ’bout to make 300K this week, I got like, three shows
And I get 100K each, and I keep a pound, huh, and a pint on me
And a couple rounds, yeah, bitch, I keep it lowkey
I do the dash, uh-huh, all these niggas on E
Off this ecstasy, yeah, bitch, I’m on E
Yeah, bitch, I’m in this bih’ with Destroy Lonely
Bad bitch, she tryna put that huh-huh, on me
Huh-huh, on me, huh-huh, on me
Huh-huh, on me, huh-huh, on me (Yeah)
Huh-huh, on me (Yeah), yeah-yeah, on me (Yeah)

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